The Early Days!

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Good afternoon!

So as you probably know by now, I’m Libbi the owner and creator of Freckles and i cant wait to share all of my adventures with you! I’m constantly reading other peoples blogs but Ive never posted anything myself before! Its all very exciting and nerve-wracking but I think it will be fun!

I thought i would start by sharing a few of my homemade items with you SOOOO….

The first thing I made to sell in the shop was this 24inch throw cushion….Image

If you are a fan of sewing and getting creative then you will know what I mean when I say I got a HUGE buzz out of making this. I had been so busy with the build up to christmas and sorting out the shop that I hadn’t had time to make anything for SO long that sewing this pillow was really really satisfying!!

Another was this polka dot and leather clutch bag.


I had never worked with leather before this bag… especially ostrich leather what a treat! Im a big fan of oversized bags so this clutch is on the larger side and absolutely perfect for the summer! It would also be great for your cosmetics too.

Another bag I created was this fancy tote style bag….


I had so much fun playing with different pleats to see which one would work best 🙂 The main difference to many tote bags and this tote is the length of the handle. I don’t know about you? Personally, having to take my bag on and off my shoulder to put my purchases into it while shopping becomes a huge pain in the butt… SO I decided to make a long handle so you can just slip them in there without as much effort! (lazy? haha)

Last but not least… I will show you the garden bunting I made….Image

How cute and perfect is this 3ft bunting for a birthday party! Especially one in the garden! I made them out of vinyl material so they will last a lot longer than cotton material  🙂

My next big project i’m in the process of working on is a quilt for a special someones birthday. Ive never tried quilting before so its all very new and exciting (like this blogging!) fingers crossed it will go ok please! haha. I will share more about it with you soon but here is a sneak preview of it so far.

I would LOVE to see any projects you have been working on?

Have a nice day!! 😀

Libbi ❤



2 thoughts on “The Early Days!

  1. Hey Libbi – congrats – looking brilliant. Check out my mate’s stuff at Vintage Village on FB – right up your street. Love Rooth & Mike xxx

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