Should of wore purple!


This picture pretty much sums up the night!!

So I realise i’m a bit delayed with this post. But who can blame me when i had put so much effort in making a sanfransisco coloured jersey for them to just go and lose!! haha Do they not know the sweat and tears i went through! (I’m not competitive in the slightest i promise…)


I thought I would share a few pictures of the jersey, bunting and ref’s t-shirt I made. 

ImageI realise the pictures aren’t too great at the minute but hey ho,i’m a new blogger and in the process of getting a better camera. ImageImageA quick look at the bunting, they were thrown together with felt on string. so simple yet effective! I would advise it for quick and easy last minute bunting making!!

Did you all have a good super bowl evening? How did you celebrate yours?

Libbi x



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