Welcome to Freckles!!


(Im trying everything to make it feel more like summer! haha)

Hey Y’all, Im sorry I’ve been so absent. I think I should explain that I wont be posting blogs every single day, but hopefully 1-2 times a week depending on what exciting things are taking place!

I figured i would talk and show you a bit more about freckles in this post.

 Before freckles existed I was planning on being a part of Re-branch by setting up my sewing room so that I could share what bits of sewing and crafting I know with other young adults and learn to upholster along the way. (If you check out Re-Branch then it will explain why we needed upholstery skills!) But when i started talking to the team more. I realised that there were chances here for me to find out more about starting my OWN business. Ive been a lover for sewing and creating things since I was first out of nappies but had never had the confidence or get up and go to do anything serious with that. I went to college and regretfully dropped out without completing the first year. The thing I have always dreamt about was having my very own shop where I could sell all the things I love… Vintage and Handmade clothes and items .I wanted to gather those beautiful and unique finds into one place and share them with the world.. So i did! I started (With huge amounts of help from re-branch) a project for myself and other young adults by applying and managing to receive funding by O2 think big to start a mini course that included , and help from outset who came in to tell us all about what they do. I learnt so much from the course and just getting the confidence to do this gave me the confidence to ask Re-branch if they fancied doing me a business deal. So now I run the shop front of Re-branch and get to have part of the shop to start my business. 🙂

Here are a few clips from the sewing room!


This is the collage wall I decided to create out of lots of different pieces of wallpaper. As you can see I really do like to test myself and take on a challenge. But after all the hours and trips up and down a ladder I think it turned out quite funky? It certainly gets an “Oh Wow”  from visitors, which is the reaction I wanted and love!


 The other two walls in the room are all decoupage. As you can imagine it took forEVER for finish, but it was so much fun to do 🙂

There isn’t much more to show your in this room. There is shelving up and a few beautifully tacky pictures hanging…


(Once again I apologise for the horrific photography!)

Have a good evening! xx

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