Tooth Fairy Pillows <3


Tooth Fairy Pillows!!

I keep coming up with random exciting things that I fancy making, almost too many that I hardly get around to making as many of them as I would like!! This project that I started worked out tremendously! I love these quirky little teeth. I started off with the straight forward felt version….


I then wanted to make a slightly more “girly” version of this so I decided to add a bow and try out using a different material too…


Both of these designs have openings behind the mouth where the teeth would be placed. I decided to create a little tag that explained how the pillow worked with washing etc….


I’m finding myself enjoying making these pillows so much that I am constantly thinking of new designs for them, So at the moment I am working on a couple more designs 🙂


Ive ran out of stuffing until tomorrow but i just couldn’t wait to write this post!! haha so the next picture is of an unfinished flat pillow!

IMG_8360 IMG_8362

So thats pretty much all of them at the minute. Ive got many more ideas that I will be working on soon! I just need to find the time! lol.

All of these pillows are for sale. At the moment they will be made to order so if you fancy a cute tooth fairy pillow for your little ones or maybe as a gift then feel free to drop me a message. I can make them in a certain colour or design. Just throw your ideas at me 🙂

I hope you are all well and the weather isn’t getting you all down, Its nearly easter… Chocolate will make it all better!

🙂 Libbi x

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